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Friday, March 18, 2011

Important of Third Language

Do you know why learning third language is very important to our student?  This is because when you learn a third language you have more communication skill and you are easy to seeking a job opportunity.  Now days, many people are interested to learn “Mandarin Language”. This is because if they know how to speak in Mandarin, they can easy to get job in Chinese business. 

Now, in UiTM syllabus student must to take a third language either to take Mandarin, Bahasa Arab or France Language. But many students are willing to take a Mandarin Language as a third language in their study. As a student in UiTM, we must to learn the third language until three semesters. This is because, UiTM want their student can speak very well. This is an objective why UiTM students must take a third language.

It is not easy to student to learn and catch up the third language very fast and very well. This is because the language is not familiar with the student. Other than that, student must past it the third language because it is one of the syllabuses. If they pass the first level, they can proceed to the next level in the next semester.

In UiTM many student are willing to take a Mandarin language compared to Bahasa Arab and France language. This is because they know that, the Mandarin language is the most important language after English language. That’s why, Mandarin language become as a third language in Malaysia after English. Is not meant that other language is not important but they must know that our related business in Malaysia is usually wanted the people know to speak Mandarin. This is because there are many Chinese companies in Malaysia.

As a UiTM student that takes a Mandarin language, we should able to speak in Mandarin. This is because it can give a benefit to them to catch the opportunity job in the Chinese company. Now days, it is not easy to work in Chinese company because they want their workers are able to speak in their language. It can make easy to them to communicate each other. This is because not all of Chinese people can speak in English very well.

Besides that, learn a third language is important to student because today, world economy is centered in China and most Chinese prefer to use Mandarin language for business rather than English. If we learn Mandarin language we will get benefits by giving assistance to companies dealing business with the Chinese country.

The conclusion is we can get more benefits from learning third language. Taking a third language among student are not to burden them in their study but to give more advantages to them in future when they want to seeking the best job that are need them to communicate in other languages.


  1. Did uitm have other language beside mandarin, france, arabic? Like korean, japanese?

    1. Yes they did. But u have to continue to degree to take korean as the third language.

  2. Looks uitm concerning towards third languages.

    Btw, your english fully broken. Sorry for being an english teacher.

  3. I graduated already. so can i attend the class? how do registration procedures? Is it online or directly to the faculty? Where should I refer this course?