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Thursday, March 17, 2011

UiTM always in my heart

UiTM is a famous university in Malaysia.  As we know, UiTM is specialized for bumiputera only. It’s means that Chinese and Indian cannot enter to the UiTM. The main UiTM campus are located in Shah Alam. UiTM also have their branches at all of Malaysia state. It means that, UiTM can give their services to the student that wants to further their study.  
As we know, UiTM have taken a student that gets a best result in SPM to continue their study. To continued the study in UiTM, the student must have at least 6 credits in any subject but they must get at least C in Bahasa Malaysia and English. In UiTM, they offer their student with many courses. So they can choose and apply a suitable course based on their result. The courses that will be offered in UiTM are dsiploma or degree in accountancy, human resource, finance, engineering, medic, interior design, architecture, and so many.
Besides that, UiTM objective is to give the best education to their students. The best education will be given by UiTM means that UiTM wants their student get a lot of knowledge and information in their study. So when they have graduated and get a job, they can use and applied it into their work. Now days not all of graduate student can perform very well in the job.
Other than that, UiTM also give a good facility to their students. The facilities that will provide by UiTM are a hostel, allowance, Wi-Fi and so on. This kind of facilities that will provided to the student to give a better life when they are in UiTM. Student can use a Wi-Fi to do their assignment and student will give an allowance for the foods. In this case, student will give RM4 per day as an allowance. So they can buy food using the money given.
Next is UiTM have helped their student through the education fee. This is because UiTM student have pay a lowest fee compared to the other university. so student have study in UiTM is very lucky because the student are not burden to pay the high fee. This is because other universities have pay their fee is more than one thousand.
As a student UiTM, I was proud to be a UiTM student because UiTM  have helped many student that want to continue and further their study without to burden them. UiTM qualification education also standard with the other university.
The conclusion is UiTM is the best university among other university. So, if you have chance to study in UiTM you should catch it because not all have selected to study in UiTM.

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